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Rostock celebrates its birthday – with us

The beautiful Hanseatic city near the Baltic has already been attracting people from all over the world for years. In 2018, the major city will face a very special jubilee: 800 years of existence. The inhabitants all agree – this must be celebrated!

Preparation is everything

To ensure that nothing will go wrong during the birthday celebration next year, the people of Rostock simply took the 799th birthday as a test run: They organized a glittering summer party at Neuer Markt, in order to get in tune with the upcoming jubilee.

Highlights of this event were, amongst other, the meet & with the basketball players of Rostock Seawolves, who invited the public to score baskets; the prize draw, where you could win tickets for the rock concert and the surprise performance of the Rostock Volkstheater.



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The countdown has started

At the town hall, they finally started the big countdown. The celebrating masses formed the number “800” and a drone then took a picture of it, creating a lasting memory of the final rehearsal before the jubilee party.

The conclusion of the event: The Rostock people are well-prepared for what is lying ahead. And thanks to the brand new Ecotent® pop up gazebo for the 800th birthday, they are also well-equipped!

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